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Is it possible to invite your specialist to discuss the question of the security of my territory on-site?


Yes, call or write to us stating your address and phone number. Our specialist will contact you in a very short period of time and arrange an appointment.

How much will it cost to ensure security system of our territory (apartment, garage, house, etc.)?


The answer to your question depends on many circumstances.
Price may be formed only after the detailed acquaintance of the task and the discussion of the proposed variants (country of manufacture, quality, features, etc.)

How to realize the exploitation of installed security system?


After the installation of the system our specialists realize the operating instruction and in the case of complex systems we realize trainings too.

Will be provided manuals for each equipment.

We advise to organization, which are established integrated and multifunctional systems to define the safety system’s function of exploitation and assign responsibility for this function on a particular employee.

How and where transmitted an alarm?


The alarm can be transmitted to the police service and (or) at the telephone number of  the owner of the object, as well as a short message (SMS).

Are you realize the service of installed systems?


Yes, we have around the clock free service during the 6 months for safety systems which were designed and installed by us. The service includes the implementation of troubleshooting, additional debugging, updating of soft wares and implementation of preventive maintenance.

The further services can be realized on the basis of the agreement.

Are you realize service of safety systems which was installed by other organization?


Only in case of urgent need, because there are some hardware and software difficulties , as a result it is a laborious work and financially disadvantageous for client.

If there is a warranty period of exploitation of the instruments and equipment?


Yes, we provide warranty period for the sold instruments and equipment, which terms depends on the type of product and as a rule it make 12 months.

What do if I don’t found responseof the my question?


Write or call us on any question. We will answer in your question as far as possible quickly.