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Fire and Burglar Alarm - Remote control and management C2000-M

Remote control and management C2000-M

Control panels: Management and additional devices

Remote control and management of security and fire C2000-M.

Designed to work as part of the address system of fire alarm and fire control equipment. Together with the Orion ISO devices, it can serve as a block-modular device for receiving and controlling security and firefighters, devices for controlling light, sound and voice alarms, gas, powder aerosol and water fire fighting, smoke protection, and engineering systems. Informational interaction of the blocks is carried out via a wired communication line RS-485.

Indication of the "Alarm", "Fire", "Start", "Stop", "Fault", "Disabled" modes. The ability to view individual zones (sections) and system elements that have these states, with the display on the symbolic indicator. Audible alarms for alarms, fires, start-ups and malfunctions on the integrated buzzer. Indication of the status of zones of protection, fire-fighting equipment and other actuating devices on the blocks "S2000-BI", "S2000-BKI", "S2000-PT", "Potok-BKI".

Automatic control of the means of light and sound warning, smoke protection, engineering equipment, outputs for signaling "Alarm", "Fire", "Start-up" and "Fault" using control and start-up and signal-starting blocks, receiving and control blocks. Automatic start and stop of voice alarm devices of the "Horn" series. Automatic control of operating modes of the access control subsystem for unblocking the escape routes in case of fire.

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