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Fire and Burglar Alarm - Glass break detector LC-105DGB

Glass break detector LC-105DGB

Security detectors: Glass break sensor

LC-105DGB belongs to a new generation of glass break detectors. The LC-105DGB detector separates the sound of breaking glass from any other sounds that can be heard at home or in the office.

The LC-105DGB can detect diamond cutting of glass, in addition to defining glass breaking. It has fully digital signal processing. Detector operation provides protection against false alarms. The LC-105DGB compares real signals with existing samples of breaking or cutting glass, does not need to be installed on a window, it provides room protection and can protect several windows at the same time.

The maximum detection range is 10 m., The supply voltage is 9-16 VDC, the consumed current is 15mA, the sensitivity setting, operating temperatures from -20 ° to + 50 ° C.

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